What is the Savings Program of your Store?

Saving money is equal parts about the strategies you use in cutting costs and where you shop. Truthfully, you can employ all the smartest techniques but if you make purchases from a place with expensive price tags, you will never maximize your rewards. So before committing to a store, make sure you know it fully, particularly its savings programs. Some important questions to ask include: do they have “buy one, get one free” deals? Do they double coupons? Do they offer a store discount cards that gives you automatic discounts? Do they have special store coupons? What are the rules that apply to these coupons? Once you gather all the answers, policies, and rules, combine the coupons with sales to pay the lowest possible prices for your items, such as combining this 30ยข OFF 1 Dawn Product (excluding trial and travel sizes) with a sale to get the best deal.