The wrong way to use coupons

One of the smartest ways to do grocery shopping is with coupons. It doesn’t matter whether you are only a beginner or an extreme couponing pro – the money you save every time you hand these to the cashier are a life saver. Never go to the store without them like this SAVE 50ยข on ONE (1) 12-pack cans of any flavor* Diet Dr Pepper *Flavors subject to availability! Although the savings per coupon can be small, they do add up. You can easily save $20 even if most coupons you have only amount to 25 cents apiece. However, exercise caution in redeeming your coupons because they are a great hook for impulse purchases. Write your grocery list prior to clipping to ensure you are only getting what you need and not succumbing to your impulses. If you are not careful, you end up paying more than you would normally spend!