The smart shopper’s guide to buying name brands

Putting it simply, saving money is about buying what is cheap. Naturally, this is extremely difficult if you or a family member is in love with a particular product or brand. Repeatedly saving money will be difficult and getting more of these products will only be possible if they are on offer and coupons such as $1.50 OFF 1Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (excludes trial/travel size) are available. If these are not on hand, then the cost of purchases will be hard to lower. As it is, being brand flexible is always the way to go. Look for sales and look for matching coupons. Whatever has the best price should go into your cart. But in instances when it cannot be helped and you really need to go for the name brands, do the shopping in time for exceptional deals. Even if you are not yet out of the product, do not hesitate to purchase more as the sale may happen in another 3 month or so.