The real score with bulk buying

Have you gotten into the habit of doing big bulk trips at the grocery store? It makes a lot of sense. Planning one big trip a month for bulk staples cut backs on the expense and amount you have to carry for another three weeks. You can also redeem coupons like this 25¢ OFF ONE Puffs Product (excludes Puffs To-Go and trial/travel size) at one go and pile on the savings. If you do bulk buying right, you save money, time, and effort all at once! Just remember to keep your focus.

Avoid buying on impulse.  Just because an item is sold in bulk does not mean you are saving if you were not planning on buying it in the first place. Stick to your list! Meanwhile, for fresh items like produce, dairy, bread, and eggs, buy them weekly and make sure to buy what you can only use up before anything expires.