The magic of buying more and paying for it less

What is better than scoring savings when you buy one item? Scoring savings for multiple items! When you see a product and find a good coupon for it, make sure you stock up and buy more than the usual. This has several benefits for your pocket. First of all, you got all of those items without having to pay the regular price. The savings pile up immediately.  Second, because you have more sitting on the pantry waiting for you, there is no need to go back and forth to the grocery store. Face it: how many times did you go to the store to get shampoo but return home with an entire bag of treats? The less time you spend on the store, the less chances of spending more. Lastly, the savings you get with the coupons allow you to divert money into other expenses, money that you usually did not have if you purchase at the regular price. Enjoy these benefits every time you shop and do not forget to bring these 40¢ off on Yoplait coupons when you buy 6 cups of any variety Yoplait yogurt. This coupon is not valid in LA, NJ, ND, NV, and TN.