Savings don’t begin in the supermarket

Saving on food is not as difficult as you think. But as with anything else, it begins in your mind. Earning savings should become an attitude. Put this first and you will find ways how to tweak everything else that you do to follow it. For example, if you are into making your own food, you will realize that the recipes you find will sometimes have one or a couple of ingredients that costs more than the usual. In the case of a fish dinner, you can substitute the pricier fishes like salmon or tuna for cheaper options like tilapia. Just take into consideration the preparation or method of cooking in making the substitution. In general, you can substitute anything so do it wherever possible to cut costs. Also, remember that you can always use coupons to bring down the price of anything that you purchase, like this SAVE $2.00 on 1 6 pk 8oz cans or 2 2L of participating soda (7UP, A&W, Sunkist Soda, Sun Drop, Canada Dry) and 2 bags of Mars candy.