Moneymakers to know about

Here is something to get excited about: moneymakers. Have you ever heard such a thing referring to coupons? If you are serious about getting the most savings, these are what you should be after. The thing is most coupons usually offer small discounts but there are times when you come across really generous ones that they become moneymakers. A moneymaker is a coupon or combination of discounts that can result in a negative price that in turn frees up money for other items at the time of purchase. The key is to work coupons as hard as you can. For instance, if you buy several packs of Rolaids with a combination of a coupon plus a store sale price, you can easily get $1 for every two packs and this money you can use to buy other stuff. If you only save $3 on coupons a week, that is $156 annually so it is not bad at all. Start today and clip this to SAVE $0.50 on any ONE (1) Pepperidge FarmĀ® Frozen Texas Toast product (any variety).