Lower your shopping bill FAST

Finding ways to save up on personal care is essential. These are recurring expenses after all. The best way to score discounts is to use coupons like this $1.00 OFF ONE Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner (excludes trial/travel size) every time you shop. You can get these coupons on ad circulars or print them online. For more savings, you can be more clever with the way you use your products. For instance, if you buy two-ply toilet paper, try separating them. However, it may take time to separate these sheets. See if you can be bothered and give it a go. Another thing you can do is to DIY some items like soap and shampoo. Look for instructions online and try your hand at making these products. Check the ingredients list and pick a recipe that uses cheap and everyday items. Make a batch, compare costs, and use the one that gives you the best deal.