How to get freebies from Walmart

Use this coupon to SAVE $2.50 off any DenTek Dental Guard the next time you shop. For other needs around the house, go to the Walmart website to look for free samples first before making a purchase. This will save you money without having to exert too much effort at all. Check out the free sample program of the store where you can request products from certain merchandisers trying to promote their stuff. An important tip to remember is that these samples do not last long in the website because everyone wants freebies. As soon as you see a product sample that you like, request for it immediately because it may be gone in a few hours only! The list of free samples available is updated daily so visit every time that you can. To get freebies, click on the link or the picture of the product. Most of these items are for your favorite brands trying to promote a new product but other times you find freebies for the popular ones as well.