How to cash in on real coupon savings

If you clip coupons, like this SAVE $2.50 Off any ONE (1) Armor All Outlast Product, make sure you use them with enough sense so that you truly cash in on the savings. First of all, don’t buy more than you need. No matter how great a sale is, it is only beneficial to you if you are able to use everything up. If you end up throwing away half of what you bought, then there is not much point in it, is there? Evaluate what you are throwing out. Is there a significant amount of bread, meat, or produce in your bin? Buy less next time. Over buying is expensive so make a point of using what you buy. Freeze or repurpose leftovers. Get creative with your pantry and what other ingredients are available to you. Be mindful of unopened products as well and always take stock of your cupboards so you don’t buy what you don’t need.