Don’t shop now

Timing is an important aspect of using coupons, like this one to SAVE $0.50 on any One (1) International Delight Iced Coffee or Creamer (pints, quarts, 48oz or singles) products. It has been stressed countless times that it is essential to use the coupons at the best time possible, particularly when there is a sale, to get the best value. Similarly, another thing to consider with timing is the best time to shop. The simplest strategy here is to avoid shopping when hungry! Everything looks good on an empty stomach. Also, buying snacks and other junk food to tide you over in the car until you make it home is too easy. It is far simpler to eat before shopping to cut the costs of impulse buys and possibly a few more calories. If you are planning to shop with the children in tow, this strategy becomes all the more important because the kids can totally get out of control once the munchies set in.