Challenge: Shop once a month only

Have you evaluated your shopping habits lately? How many times do you go to the grocery store in a month? If your answer is more than once, you can definitely do a lot better. It takes some skill but shopping once a month is the key to earning the most savings. To put it simply, how many times have you gone to the store to buy some bread but come back home with a whole bag of impulse buys? It makes more sense to identify all that you need to run your household and get them in one go. You will spend lesser time with the tempting products at the shelves and also save on gas and eating out. As an added tip, you can boost the savings further by doing this in time with a store sale. This way, everything is at a lower price and you instantly cut costs. Do not forget to shop with coupons, too! Here are some to save $0.50 on any Clorox Manual Toilet Bowl Cleaner.