Best tricks for cheap food shopping

When you do a big shop, do not stow it all in the fridge and forget half of it is there until it is past its use by date. Be more aware of what you have and check your freezer every now and again. It helps if you get into the habit of transferring most of your newly bought food into the freezer. Divide them into smaller portions too before freezing. You see chicken or fish easier in this manner and have a better time thawing them before cooking. Speaking of chicken and fish, regularly check the dates of perishable food in your fridge, including meat and dairy. These do not come cheap and you do not want to throw anything away! Be clever and make plans so you use everything. Also, use coupons like this SAVE 75ยข on one (1) 59 fl. oz. Simply Juice Drink, any variety to increase savings.