An indispensable tool for grocery shopping

Take saving on grocery shopping seriously. Before leaving the house, make a plan and bring whatever tools you need to meet your goals. One of the most indispensable? A calculator. Unless you want to do long division on top of your head, the best way to go is with the aid of a calculator. Pick a tiny one, something that you can neatly slip into your coupon binder or pocket. This makes figuring out the real prices of items a lot easier. For instance, you can find out whether the largest can of tomato sauce is the better buy over several smaller ones, or if the cost of the 10 pack toilet paper offers more value than the 25 ones. All it takes is a little math to determine which brand or size of a product yields the lowest price per unit. Before putting anything on your cart, whip out your calculator to find the better deals. Also, remember to redeem this coupon and save $1.00 on any 2 varieties of Thomas’ Bagels.