3 smart tips to stretch your food budget

Sometimes you have to be a bit clever and more resourceful in shopping to make the stuff you purchased last a bit longer. So here are some tips to help you stretch the food budget for today. First, use coupons to immediately lower prices such as this SAVE $1.00 on Blue Diamond Almond Breeze on any ONE (1) Chilled Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Honey or Honey Vanilla Almondmilk. Second, stay away from junk food. Just don’t buy them! They tend to be expensive, alongside other processed foods. Plus there are positive effects for the health as well. With the extra money eliminated from the junk, you can buy other stuff to seriously bulk up your meals and make more food for less. You can fortify homemade soups with cheap pasta or add beans to your stews for a more substantial fare.